Web Graphic Optimization


Don’t try your Web Visitor’s Patience & let them click out of a slow site without a second thought! Reduce the load time of Your Web Page with effective Web Graphic Optimization.

Web graphic optimization is an effective for speeding up page display. It is a wonderful art of image optimization that helps in reducing the load time of graphics, maintaining an acceptable level of image quality. You can radically speed up your web page without noticeable loss of quality in your graphics. Let Imagenish optimize your web graphics by minimizing bit-depths, cropping and combining images, change into Web graphic formats, do JPEG optimization, optimize image for web, do JPEG Compression, optimize animated gif formats and various form of web graphic optimization using the right graphics software and jpeg optimizers. We help you to resize photos and website graphics using GIF, PNG, and JPEG compression and produce optimized images to speed up your website.

Web Graphic Optimization Benefits from Imagenish :

  •    Get Instant Access to skilled designer
  •    Helps decrease your bandwith cost
  •    Cut the webpage file size and load times drastically
  •    Keep your customers satisfied and reduce bailout rates
  •    Minimize HTTP requests by eliminating and combining your requests

Experts of Imagenish optimize web graphics to minimize their size, number, and quality by maximizing cropping. We usually combine adjacent images and use client-side image maps instead. Again we substitute CSS-based rollovers for bandwidth-hungry image-based rollovers. We work to swap all available graphic text in the web with styled text. Finally, we try to reuse images with the same URL for minimizing the HTTP requests from web servers

What’s Included In Web Graphic Optimization & Gif, Png, Jpg Compression Service?

cut-images1Crop Image Files:

Crop Image Files: We re-size all your web image files while maintaining excellent quality. We try to maximize cropping by minimizing dimensions. We always specify the height and width of each image used in the web. This will free up the browser to load the rest of your page while the image loads in the background.


compressionGraphic File Format Compression:

We perform gif, png, jpg compression by converting to the best graphic file format. (JPEG, GIF, PNG) using jpeg optimizers. We optimize animated gifs and set the image resolution to 72dpi. Use interlacing with care (avoid interlacing on smaller images and most PNGs). Use the right image format (JPEGs for photographs).


optimizationImage Optimization:

While optimizing the images, we try to minimize noise, smear, and complexity of the image, use weighted optimization to reduce less important areas and blur backgrounds (for JPEGs). Minimize the depth of color while maintaining quality. Convert graphic text into styled text. Minimize colors (bit-depth) for palette-based formats. Use gray scale where possible. We always use thumbnails linked to larger images.


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