Video Editing & Music Composition

Furnish a brand new dimension to your videos via Professional Video Editing Services. Again Create a truly fascinating piece of music through Music Composition Outsourcing Service.

Video recording has penetrated into our lives in such an amazing way, thus Video Editing Services have gained immense importance in the market. Among many Video Editing Service providers,Imagenish is definitely at a leading pace, for its matchless services and competitive prices. And only the implication of attractive means such as video clips and all can bring that X factor into your Ads. Imagenish leaves no stone unturned to provide Professional Video Editing Services to ensure that a perfect video blooms out of any rough footage. Our team of qualified video editors exert their intense dedication to bring out the finest outcome, may it be a home video, an ad film, or a television program.

Video-Editing-Music-Composition-2Leave all your Video Editing worries to Imagenish’s expert workforce. The parts of your footage will be re-arranged or modified by our professional editors to form a new video. Imagenish provide the following Video Editing Services such as Games and Movie trailer making, editing Video Presentations, Adding smoke, fire, textures, fluid, and other special effects, Creating Business Documentaries, Web based Video optimization , Producing Educational & promotional Videos, Video Enhancement, YouTube Videos creation, Video Tutorials design, editing Music Videos and Conference video and many more. can present an extra dimension to your ordinary videos through its Professional Video Editing Services. Our video editors own skillfulness as well as experience pertaining to the utilization of software tools and applications like Adobe Premiere, Avid, Final Cut Pro, and other pro editing software used for customizing the footage. All our editing tasks are entirely customized and executed according to every individual client needs. So, we Outsource Video Editing Services in a manner that you get advantage from the low cost as well as from proficient and high quality Video Editing Services.

Specialty of Professional Music Composition and Video Editing Service from Imagenish :

  • Compose Music
  • Enhance Video
  • Edit Music Videos
  • Edit Conferrence Video
  • Design Video Tutorial
  • Prepare Promotional Video
  • Optimize Web Based Video
  • Create Educational Videos
  • Create Videos for Youtube
  • Video Presentation Editing
  • Create Business Documentaries
  • Create Games & Movie Trailer
  • Create Customised Video Background
  • Add Special Effects Like textures, fluids etc. to Videos


If you have special requirements for audio soundtracks, dubbing, editing, or voice-over then Imagenish seems to be the right destination for you, as we are the Music Composition Outsourcing Company possessing tremendously creative and skilled composers and music directors. Our composers are brilliant in handling musical aspects as well as in writing fine musical notation and instrumentation. We are also capable of composing the ideal jingles, mnemonics, and audio logos. Avail us with the brief specification to compose customized music as per your requirements, either as a classical, modern, fusion, or in other styles. We will also compose music compliant with the tempo, key, and length according to your detailed specifications. Without any second thought, Outsource Creative Music Compositions to Imagenish .

Imagenish offers its valued clients quintessentially chic and genuine Music Composition Services for personal or website use, at the most attractive tradeoff –between superior quality and affordable price. We earnestly maintain superior standard through our Music Composition Outsourcing Services and try to ensure that the piece of art meets all of your expectations and requirements.

Imagenish always utilizes the most up-to-date and most efficient applications and software to offer high quality Music Composition Services. Our professional and skillful music composer team will communicate a brilliant and proficiently crafted music piece in accordance with your own visions and needs- that is, highly customized services to match to your desires and expectations.

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