Vector Image Conversion


Convert your raster and bitmap images, JPEG, png, GIF, scans and sketches into high quality, scalable vector files ready for editing, design, illustration, printing, embroidery or engraving at  Imagenish . We convert your pixilated logo or graphic into scalable vectors to be used as t-shirt design, vehicle graphics, signage, vinyl banners and just much more at affordable cost.

Our Specialty Vector Image Conversion Service Includes:

  •    Vector Logo Design
  •    Vector ClipArt Design
  •    Embroidery Illustration
  •    Logo Vector Conversion
  •    Single Line Lettering & Artwork
  •    Convert Bitmap/JPG to Vector Art
  •    Vectorize of House Blueprint Drawings
  •    Screen or Digital Printing & Ad Designs
  •    Vectorize of Map(Convert Raster Map to Vector)
  •    Vectorization of Industrial or Engineering Drawings


Now don’t worry if your images have jagged or blurry edges. Imagenish with its team of professional designers will readily redraw your raster and bitmap images like JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to the crisp, clean, scalable vector art of EPS, SVG, and PDF so that you can readily print them.

Vector Image Conversion Service provided by Imagenish can be categorized as:


Imagenish specializes in creating vector artwork in Adobe Illustrator format. Convert your image to clean vector by our graphic designers. Just send us your raster or bitmap image and let us redraw your image to convert it into Illustrator vector art, Illustrator vector drawings, cartoons, clip art images, convert image to vector, vector art creation, Cartoon design, image to cartoon, vector to graphics, raster to vector conversion transparent image gimp, gimp image re-size and more. We can convert vector to graphics, image to cartoon and create images logos, maps and much more.

Our artists skillfully vectorized logo, photos, maps to give very clean and ready for cutting, printing images in full vector format within fast turnaround at very reasonable rate. Our main motto is to make our clients happy with our vector image conversion services, vector art and image to cartoon conversion service, raster to vector conversion, vector art and Cartoon design. We can guarantee 100% satisfaction if you do your vectorized logo, photos, images, and pictures from our artwork team.

We provide high quality bitmap to vector conversion services at fast turnaround times for most jobs. We help you to save time and money in getting your vector artwork, ready to print, embroider, cut and more with our proficient yet cost effective vector conversion service!

The creative team of Imagenish work to focus on the appropriate insight to the client’s business. Have a look at our Gallery for Vector Image conversion portfolio . Feel free to Contact Us Today with questions about your next project. Enjoy our seasonal discount offer as well!