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Social media is a very strong and powerful platform for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Because millions of people use it to discuss about likes, dislikes and catch-up on news. Anybody can easily make conversation about their business topic here. Conversations about your industry, product, brand and services are conducted between people on social channels. If you do not engage people on social media you will definitely miss a golden business opportunity. When you use social media for SEO you should use your own name and identity to build credibility. Social media includes Face book, Behance, Tumblr, Stumble Upon and lots more. If you combine Social Media Marketing with Search Engine Optimization, you will definitely discover social network via search to the ability to attract links for improved SEO. There are a huge number of benefits to use social media for SEO some are tangible (Likes, Fans and Followers) and some are not (Customer services, Brand Recognition and developing Lasting Relationship). Social media and SEO are inextricably linked. It is difficult to do a great job in SEO without Social Media Marketing. It is totally impossible to be successful in SEO except Social Media Marketing. Followings are some ways you can use your Social Media Marketing activities to help your SEO:

1. Create Social Networking Profile

2. Incorporate Keywords into Tweets and Posts

3. Drive Traffic to Your Main Site

4. Reach Out to Influential Social Media Personalities

By using Social Media for SEO you can be assured that you will build your business in the most effective manner possibly by building relationships with your customers.