Raster to Vector Conversion

Looking to create your Vector images for printing, both on paper and on clothes? Do you have bitmap image that supports resolution of only 72 pixels/dots per inch (DPI) that is not sufficient for printing purpose ? Let the experts of Imagenish do those Vector images and make them ready for any forms of printing such as flex printing to embroidery and for web use for example in flash animations.

Now you can easily convert your bitmap images like JPEGs, GIFs and PNGs to crisp, clean, scalable and clean vector art of EPS, SVG, and PDF with expert Raster to Vector Conversion or r2v conversion service from expert team of Imagenish. Now save your valuable time and money by getting your artwork ready to print, embroider, cut and more with expert raster vector graphics conversion service!

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Now you can get automated map digitizing wit our Raster to Vector conversion that supports fully automatic vectorization and interactive line tracing from scanned maps and drawings. We have expertise in inputting bi-level, gray-scale, and color images in TIFF, Geo TIFF, GIF, JPEG, RLC, PNG or BMP formats. Sometimes company needs their images to be enlarged, but it sometimes reduces the quality of the image. If these images are converted to vector images, it can be re-sized more easily. Raster to Vector Conversion Vector images are scalable, resolution independent with no background.

Who may require Raster to Vector Conversion (R2V) Service?

  • Vector conversion is very essential for computer-aided designs(CAD) diagrams.
  • Vectorization is essential for logo designs, stencils & signs creations and more.
  • Graphic design projects and Image works of Photo Studios demand (R2V) for better re-sizing and manipulation.
  • Bitmap to vector conversion is needed for converting technical drawings to its vector format and in drawing product images into its line diagrams.
  • Bitmap vectorization is mainly used for maps creation, site plans, evacuation maps to vector, for drawing clip-art or icons, cartoon character vectorization and coloring.
  • Raster to vector conversion service is essential for industries related to Embroidery, Printing and Publication, Advertising Agencies and online shops or e-commerce shops.


Expert Raster to Vector Conversion services (R2V) provided by Imagenish are Embroidery Illustration | Logo Vector Conversion | Vector Clip Art Design | Vector Artwork Conversion | Single line Lettering and Artwork | Vector Logo design / Logo retouch | Custom Vector illustration Diagram | Converting a JPG to Vector Art Format | Vectorization of Building Blueprint drawings | Screen printing, Digital printing & Ad Designs | Vectorize of Map (convert raster map to vector) | Vectorization of Industrial or Engineering drawings or Educational figures.

We provide you with unlimited choices in vector manipulation from JPEG, IMG, PCX, PNG, PDF, PICT, TIFF to GIF formats- to meet your professional requirements. Professional artists of Imagenish have valuable industry experience to provide you the best service and make you stand out in promoting your business with expert vector conversion service. We work with a target to achieve 100% client satisfaction. Use our Free Trials Services to judge our quality. Contact Us or drop a mail at [email protected]. Go to our How it Works ‘ for detail guideline of how you can become our client.