Portrait Retouching

Photographs that are taken by professional photographers may not always be flawless or perfect. And we always want to make our valuable images or pictures look stunning with some added image ornamentation or editing. In Digital Image Editing Industry, this method is called Photo Retouching/ Portrait Retouching/Photo Restoration.This technique has already gained mesmerizing popularity in Web,Photo Business and Advertisement based purposes.

Imagenish has highly skilled and professional team of graphics designers who are accustomed to using the most up-to-date technologies and software programs. They are capable of Restoration Retouching of all sort of cosmetic or physical flaws through Portrait Touch Up. Some faces have either big mouth or greasy skin, long or short nose, narrow or wide face, a different face angle, void cheeks (too skinny), or plumpness which need to be corrected to get the glamor look. We can eliminate cosmetic skin defects, wrinkles, “facelift”, and capable of make-up correction, narrow eyes correction, asymmetry correction etc.


We offer most professional Portrait Retouching and Photo Restoration Services. We handle each image with a range of diverse Retouching Methods. Each of them is taken care of with immense attention to minute details and with a view to achieving the best possible end result.

Portrait Retouch Services provided by Imagenish include:

  • Reshape Eyebrow
  • Whiten Yellow Teeth
  • Change hair/Lip color
  • Sharpen Eye/ nose/mouth
  • Reshaping of lips & mouth
  • Lip thickening or thinning
  • Converting Images to Sepia
  • Lighten/darken Skin Tone/Color
  • Professional Color correction
  • Contrast/Brightness Correction
  • Remove Wrinkles & Smooth-en Skin
  • Remove Teeth Braces from Photos
  • Convert Colored Images to Black & White
  • Change Eye Color & Red Eye Removal
  • Crop Images as per your instruction
  • Face, chin or neck thinning (DIGITAL SLIMMING)
  • Endorse glamor or heavy makeup (DIGITAL Make-up)


We will try our best to make any image look stunning. But please keep in mind that the better is the quality of original image, the more chances of getting superior results. High end Portrait Retouching service,   Professional Glamor Retouch and “ Face lit” Enhancement ensures that your images will surely grab the attention and leave long lasting impression on any viewer.

Why wait anymore? Contact Us Today -our online consultants are working around the clock to provide solution to any of your queries. Aside with Portrait Restoration Retouching Services, we offer plenty more Professional Image Editing Services tailored to your every need and requirement. Thus, explore our Gallery and knock us for Free Trial Offer to judge our work quality today!