A layer Mask gives a layer full control of transparency. The layer opacity option controls the transparency of the entire layer at once; a Layer Mask gives more precise controls over specific areas. To decrease the transparency of whole layer to 30%, we can easily use Layer Opacity option. But if I need to decrease transparency of any portion of the Layer, we must use layer mask.

Here is a tutorial to describe how to use layer mask option to create a Nice photo manipulation.
Open the stock Image you are willing to work with Photoshop.

Copy The background Layer.


Now, Select the Background copy Layer.

I want to make the selected Black and White, To do this-

Select Image-> Adjustment-> Hue/saturation

A new window will appear.

Give the settings like this.


We will background copy as Black and White.


Add Layer mask to the selected layer pressing the Layer mask Button marked below.


We will something like this when we add the layer Mask to the selected layer.


Now, we need to set the color options.

Select foreground color ‘Black‘ and background color ‘White’.color-selection

Select the Brush Tool selecting the Background copy Layer.Brush-tool

Now, to apply Layer mask Transparency to a Layer we need to paint the portion we want to make transparent with Forground color Black and Background color White.

As I want to select any central Rose of the Image to be transparent so that the red color from background layer is visible, I’ll select the rose and start painting like this.


Paint the rose carefully


We are done :)

Now you can decorate the image as your wish.

layer masking tutorial with photoshop

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

Try this at your home to create nice Photo manipulations.

All the best.

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