Image Masking

Seeking professional elimination of unwanted backgrounds from your precious images? Try Image Masking Services, the most cost effective solution for removing image background from expert graphic designers of Imagenish .

While capturing images, the subject matters often include varied backgrounds. These backgrounds may not bring the images out perfectly. Image Masking is of great use in these cases for removing backgrounds and replacing with desired backgrounds. It is especially applicable on the complex images without fine and smooth edges.We can often get less than a perfect result while we apply clipping mask on objects having fuzzy, zigzag and blurred edges. Imagenish thus aims at ensuring the exact quality and standard that every image opts to have after going through Professional Image Editing Services. We apply Professional Image Masking Services in photos on which standard clipping path cannot be applied. Our promise is to render no less service than you expect.


Hair Masking Service

Our proficient and trained graphic designer team implies the most up-to-date Photoshop Masking Techniques to eliminate backgrounds from photos such as hair, fur or the foliage on trees, which finally results in pointed and even edges looking constantly professional. Even though the photo that you want to utilize has the most detailed background with gradient or dark colors, we can isolate it from the original image while retaining superior quality and an incredible detail level.

We provide the following Professional Image Masking techniques to enhance your precious images:

  • Standard Transparent Masking, Clipping Mask
  • Professional Looking Hair Masking and Flower Masking
  • Masking an Object against White Background with Efficiency
  • Extracting an Object or Eliminating Background from an Images
  • Alpha and Channel Masking, Layer Masking for especially Complex Images


Despite of the extent of outline intricacy, our expert graphics operatives can overcome all troubles to bring you an excellent end result of Image Masking function. We customize and adapt to each and every distinct and changing concept of images as well as requirements and needs of customers to craft an outstanding outcome. Each of our capable designers has a specific sector of know-how and implements those to the fullest level to make sure that client satisfaction is achieved. Thus, you can feel assured by leaving all of your Professional Image Masking workloads upon us. We will never let you down!


Transparent Masking Service

Best value and superior service is our promise to you. You can get the advantage of all of our professional services at really competitive prices and fastest possible turnaround time! We are at your service 24 hours a day. You are always welcome to explore our Gallery and judge our quality services through our Free Trial offer. So, Contact Us Today to make Imagenish your own one stop solution for every sort of Professional Image Masking and Other Photo Editing Services!!