Image Cleaning & Cloning

Want to clean up those garbage, stains or unwanted spots from your images or remove those redundant wires or marks and objects that was clicked while photographing? Now you can clone any images of glamor photography and product photography by performing Image Cleaning and Cloning, Background Cleaning, Image Dust and Scratch Removal, and more to enhance the look and feel of the image with expert image cleaning & cloning service of  Imagenish.

Image Cleaning and Cloning service is one of the most essential services following photo retouching and photo editing. Imagenish as a retouching agency has a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals who can perform the following tasks such as Image cleaning and cloning, image cloning, Background Cleaning, Image Cleaning, Background Removal, Image Dust and Scratch Removal etc to ease the system of future photo enhancement process by avoiding the unnecessary background facts. Based on requirement, backgrounds for an image may be added, removed or modified. As a professional online photo retouching agency, Imagenish is one of the best solutions for this type of professional photo editing service if you are really serious of boosting your marketing effort.


The Image cleaning and cloning service of Imagenish focuses on the following:

  • Clean Image Background
  • Image Background Removal
  • Image Dust/ Scratches Removal
  • Image Background Manipulation
  • Clean Discarded Image Background
  • Image Cropping & Image Bordering
  • Clean Up Unnecessary Image Background


We do image cleaning and cloning with brush and clone stamp tool in Photoshop for image cleanup, copying necessary pixels from certain area of an image to another; plastering redundant components in the image with its exact substitute that perfectly match with the destination area in tonal and color level.

Imagenish is a digital retouching agency, to provide quality Image Cleaning & Cloning Servicesworking 24×7. Visit our Gallery to know more about our Services.  Contact us for reliable Image cleaning and cloning service, Image Cleaning Services, Image Dust and Scratch Removal, Image Background Cleaning Services and online photo editing service   at very competitive price. Try our Free Trial offer Today ! Enjoy our seasonal discount offer as well!