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greetings card design service
An optimized image speaks hundreds of words especially if is an e-commerce website where product images play a big role. You can make your greeting card come to life with Imagenish’s Custom Image optimization, professional image editing, high end retouching, photo restoration, custom image manipulation service that works to let you add a wide variety of awesome fun and creative, special photo effects to your Greeting Card.

Now add special effects to your greeting card to change those ordinary images into extraordinary ones. Expert graphic designers of Imagenish can combine two or more different effects, for those pictures that need that extra boost.

Specialty Custom Image Optimization Service of Imagenish is given below:

Add Cool Effects to Photos

We are experts in adding cool effects to images such as composites, vignettes and photo frames and more after Image Background removal. Let us combine elements of different images into one greeting card, add text and cool effects like realistic water reflection, realistic rainbow displacement effects or retro comic book effects or special color effects and stunning effects using glows or create those devil’s eyes or eerie-eye photo manipulation and fantasy art, custom posters graphics editing and much more to give a fresh new look to your greeting cards or use them in Magazine Cover, Product Ads and much more.

Intense Photo Manipulations

Our goal of intense photo manipulation and high end retouching service is to make a realistic image from the existing photo giving it a very different look and feel with intense photo manipulations service of Imagenish , you can manipulate objects and facts in the photo and make greeting cards that cannot be created in real life.

Photo Montage Adding Cool Effects

Photo Montage is a detailed true-to-life realism achieved by imperceptible photo manipulation done by face or image background removal or placing images in complex environment or object addition/modification , high end retouching and photo restoration. Photo montage is done for both for professional and commercial purposes.
It is basically done by merging complex objects from some pictures, removing its background, adding shadow effects and wide ranging cool effects, object completion, and so on. The final output is quite surprising as it comes out to be natural with high image quality that can deceive even the eyes of a professional!

We provide Pro Photo Editing for Pro Photographers

Photo Selection & Renaming Service

We analyze the photos based on the events they are clicked and narrow them down by sorting the best clicked moments in the form of photos while removing those that are out-of-focus, over/underexposed, or human faces having their eyes closed or with bad expressions to release the work load of pro photographers. We take up projects for renaming your images clicked with multiple cameras of multiple events. Let us help you in the time consuming job of keeping your file names consistent by renaming array of image files with in style you wanted.

RAW / JPG Color Correction

It is one of the most benefited services for pro photographers as it involves correcting Tint, Exposure, Recovery, Fill Light, Blacks, Brightness, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrant, Saturation and Tone Curves of the image providing you the processed JPG images, and/or XMP files with our corrections. Let us do your time consuming job of converting your images to JPEG. We convert all images to 300 dpi in the sRGB color space for greeting cards.

Creative Retouching & Photo Editing

Are you searching for custom image optimization service for giving those amazing and impressive effects to your photo? Let the professional graphic designers of Imagenish help you create one with our creative retouching, high end retouching, photo restoration and most professional Image editing service. We edit your images to make them stand out from the rest. Just tell us which images you would want us to edit, or choose the best images for editing and send them to us.

We are a full-service animation studio and deliver uncompromising, personalized customer service to each and every one of our customers. You are always welcome to explore our Gallery and judge our greeting card service quality through our Free Trial offer. Contact Us Today to get lucrative seasonal discounts!