Games Design Service

Captivate your audience with smooth game play that highlight unique visual appeal and unique, high-quality content for your games from Imagenish. We create anything a mind can imagine with exclusive Game Design and content. Let us transform your static, mundane theme into a rich, engaging digital experience with your blueprints and specifications for your next Game Project.

In case of the companies that are related with online based and manufacturing packages of gaming applications, Professional Game Design is an extensively crucial aspect. Game Background Design requires creative, artistic and technical competency as well as writing skills. It is important to give full concentration equally on the entire conceptual design as well as the whole documentation that illustrates the game design. Because a weak and unattractive background can spoil the whole image of a game and fail to obtain targeted market, however strong the concept might be. That is why it is very essential to ensure a planned, well built and Game design with its background to make the game appear more striking and alluring.

Specialty of Professional Game Design Service from Imagenish:

  • Character Scetching
  • Concept Illustration
  • Preparing Artwork for Games
  • Giving Effects to Characters Objects
  • Illustration of Character and Background
  • Designing Astonishing Textures Games
  • Selecting Colors for Every Object Character
  • Designing Game Background or Theme Locations
  • Photo Manipulation for Game Background Design
  • Bring Character to Live through Animate 2D & 3D Animation
  • Preparing Sketch Sheets of Every Movements, Steps & Motion


Imagenish is a leading Game Design Studio with proficient interactive entertainment assets outsourcing skills. We merge top quality workmanship and really competitive prices with a customer-oriented approach that allows us to absolutely meet and exceed all of your expectations and requirements. Unifying our competencies with our comprehensive knowledge of fine Game Background Design & Game Design, interaction is our key of creating some truly exclusive interactive gaming experiences.

Imagenish has got the skilled and talented team of game developers who are capable of crafting entirely unique Game Content including the concept, layout, and game play. This may also cover specification writing, playfield design, and entry of numeric data that stabilize and tune the entire game play. They never fail to utilize the most up-to-date and modernized tools, applications, software and other Unique Multimedia Options so that the carefully crafted Background Design & characters for games brings an unbelievably live impact into the overall gaming experience.

We are capable of undertaking and accomplishing the following astonishing features into theProfessional Game Design Services namely character sketching, concept illustration, preparing artwork for games , giving effects to characters, objects illustration of character and background designing, astonishing textures for games, selecting colors for every object or character designing, games background or theme locations, photo manipulation for games background design and finally preparing sketch sheets of every movements, steps and motion.

Leaving the tasks of Game Background Design Outsourcing and other content creation upon competent Imagenish is a great way of reducing your cost and letting your core development team to focus on game-play enhancement and balancing out your game’s vital features. For a greatly successful outsourcing project to be done you need a highly ingenious and creative Game Design Studio, run by the supreme designing staff. And that’s just what we can offer you!

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