Clipping Mask

Are you a graphics designer or photographers or web developers looking to outsource your image masking needs for further image enhancement? Clipping mask is the hottest trend today in the graphic outsourcing industry to knock out the image background to add image shadow or more effects to your image. Let Imagenish serve you with quality Clipping Path, Clipping Mask, Image masking and Image Background Removal Service to get total outsourcing benefits at fast turnaround time and at relatively low cost.

Photoshop Clipping Mask Service is gaining popularity among the advertisers and graphic designers these days. Now you can concentrate on your core business or creative activities by outsourcing your diverse photo editing needs one such being clipping mask service. Imagenish is a dedicated Graphic Design Outsourcing Service provider and established in June 2009. Located at Victoria, Australia & Dallas, USA, you will be benefited greatly by getting low cost clipping mask service as our in house production is located in low labor cost region Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh with availability of skilled graphic artists.

Image Editing and Optimization Service provided by Imagenish can be categorized as:

  •   Clipping Path Service
  •   Image Masking Service
  •   Image Shadow Creation Service



Imagenish is a digital agency having a pool of talented and dedicated team of designers who serve the global clients with quality clipping path, Multiple Clipping Path , Clipping mask, Photoshop masking, transparency masking, translucent masking, layer masking, clipping path with shadow effects and much more.

Why choose Us?

  Aim to achieve 100% Client’s Satisfaction

  Deliver complete turnkey before the deadline

  Accept all format images including TIFF, JPEG, and PSD

  Get very competitive price but zero tolerance in quality

  Provide Complete Online Solution (Invoice, Uploader Etc)

  Provide 100% manual Photoshop clipping mask with pen tool & knock out tool

Get Clipping path Service with varied shadow effects such as natural shadow, drop shadow, reflection shadow etc from a pool of expert graphic designers.

Clipping Mask Service is mostly need by professionals of the following industries; namely digital photography studio, graphic design house, printing house, online retailer, e-commerce shop, magazine / newspaper publishing company, catalog company, photo studios, showbiz / fashion house, web developers, advertising agency and so on. Ad agencies or magazines publishers heavily employs clipping path.

Our hard working online consultants are working around the clock to provide you with every solution to your queries. So, Contact Us today and take advantage of our Free Trial Offer for exclusive Clipping Mask Services and other facilities from our Gallery . Discounts are given on bulk orders. So, hurry!