Character / Artwork Design

Do you need Character designs or Artwork Design for your design and art industry or for our t-shirt design, skateboard designs, on websites as the “face” of the company? We at Imagenish can create a wide variety of styles in crafting characters. Have a close look at some of them here..

Imagenish is Melbourne, Australia based, independent creative design agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands with exclusive character design and artwork design service. Our goal is to create enduring and consequential relationships between our client’s brand and their spectators through smart thinking and intelligent design.


Line Art

Let us help you to make your brands iconic and make your products become part of a customer’s self-image and everyday life. Till date we have been partnering with companies of all sizes, some of which are the world’s most renowned and revered lifestyle brands across multiple categories, from beverage, retail and e-commerce to footwear and consumer electronics and delivered cost effective and expert character design and artwork design services.

Exclusive Character Design and Artwork Design Service of Imagenish includes:


Our Custom Artwork Designing includes exigent creative assignments to bring out the best in imagination. We enjoy what we do, we have fun, and we like meeting people and making friends along the way. Now change the face of normal places using digital illustration or character design or artwork design, create water reflection, remove those extra highlighting, add text and graphics, brightness and contrast, crop your image or correct color pallets with Color Correction and Photo Manipulation Service. Prominent Brand integrity and the triumphant outcome of the promotional marketing message is our promise to you.

Best value and superior service is our commitment to you. You can get the advantage of all of our professional services We are at your service 24 hours a day. So, Contact Us to make Imagenish your own one stop solution for every sort of Custom Creative Design, Digital Painting, Character Design, Artwork Design and Other Professional Photo Editing Services!